Care for Addiction Treatment in Stuart

Addiction Treatment Programs at Banyan Detox Stuart

Those searching for addiction treatment in Stuart are often unsure of what to expect when it comes to the treatment process. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we support many levels of care for the recovery process. This includes detoxification, inpatient programs, and outpatient support.

Below is a summary of the top programs offered at our drug rehab center in Stuart Florida. Patients work through the recovery process with the guidance of our doctors, therapists, and leading addiction treatment professionals. We invite you to contact our Banyan Detox Stuart team to learn more about our facility-specific recovery therapies 

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The Banyan drug and alcohol detox programs in Stuart are set on the water in a beautiful and serene location on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Detox is the first level of care in our addiction treatment continuum. Our clinical team provides assistance and support for the mind, body, and spirit 24/7. Patients can expect to have daily medical supervision, 24-hour nursing care, and are also encouraged to attend daily therapy sessions. All medications are administered through a strict protocol with the goal of a successful and safe detoxification from any addictive substances. We want our patients to have the most secure and comfortable detoxification process possible. All our treatments and supervision is provided in accordance with law, clinical, and accreditation guidelines. Our detox programs successfully give patients the proper start on the recovery journey.

Residential Treatment Following Detox

The Banyan Detox Residential Treatment Program serves at the initial step-down after the Detoxification Program. After a patient has detoxified completely and is no longer required to have medical stabilization, the next level of care would be residential addiction treatment in Stuart.

Banyan Detox Residential Treatment Program utilizes highly trained physicians, assistants, and qualified nursing staff to ensure the patient’s needs are met and comfort is maintained throughout the whole process. Patients participate in daily therapeutic sessions and have 24-hour access to community support groups and individual therapy. Patients will always be at peace at our detox facility, the views of the serene ocean are spectacular and aid in the recovery process for many.

Banyan Detox Residential Treatment Program is also the level of care that is used for patients who do not require a true medical detox but still should be stabilized and under 24-hour supervision. Each concern of our patients is met and addressed in accordance with our model of treatment here at Banyan. This is made possible by our high staff to patient ratio. We stand true to our beliefs that it takes clinicians, support groups, individual treatment, and successful planning to start a productive and happy life in recovery.

Intensive Inpatient Program

Banyan’s Intensive Inpatient Program utilizes highly trained physicians, assistants, and qualified nursing staff to ensure that our patients’ addiction needs are met and comfort is maintained.

Patients receive 24-hour care, daily counseling sessions and access to greatly beneficial, community support groups. To ensure that the efficacy and health of the program is maintained, random urine drug screens are performed. Every concern or need of the patient is addressed and handled here at Banyan. With the perfect patient to staff ratio, we are able to offer all patients the full scope of support they need to get and stay sober. 

Additional Programs at Banyan Detox Stuart 

At Banyan Detox Stuart, we’re proud to support our patients through their recovery process. While the above levels of care for addiction treatment in Stuart help many patients with their recovery, other patients require additional support for their treatment. In addition to accommodating multiple levels of care, our facility provides unique therapies for drug rehab in Stuart, including art therapy, gestalt therapy, and more. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Banyan Treatment Center is here to guide you on the path to recovery. Our unique levels of care and specific detox programs are designed to provide all our patients with the best and most customized treatment plans for recovery.