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Levels of Care

Levels of Addiction Care

Substance abuse affects people differently, and treatment should account for these differences. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we believe in creating personalized treatment plans for our patients so that they can have their greatest chance of success in finding lasting sobriety.

Our Addiction Levels of Care in Stuart

We offer several different types of rehab programs because we understand that sobriety is a journey and not everyone’s journey will be the same. Because substance abuse disorders can range in severity, we have different levels of addiction care to meet the varying needs of our patients as well as guide them throughout their recovery journey.


Not everyone is ready to admit that they have a substance abuse problem or that they need help. If you are struggling to get your loved one into any level of addiction treatment, an addiction intervention specialist could be the answer. These professionals can help your loved one get treatment as well as help your family move on.


A detox is usually the first step of treatment. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we offer a medical detox for drugs and alcohol that includes 24-hour support available and the care of medical professionals to make the process as safe and as comfortable as possible.


Many people require a strict treatment plan and firm structure in order to be successful in their recovery. For these people, our Stuart intensive inpatient program has patients living at the facility for a set amount of time so that they have 24-hour support and care.


Our residential addiction treatment offers regular programming and therapy sessions for patients to work through their substance abuse and the ancillary problems that often come with it. Patients also have 24-hour care available and will work with experienced staff members who are experts in their respective fields.

Other Types of Treatment for Addiction We Offer

Along with the levels of addiction treatment we have to meet the needs of people in various stages of recovery, we also have other types of addiction treatment programs that are tailored to people who may have other needs during their treatment.


The LGBTQ community struggles with addiction problems at a higher rate than the general population, but not everyone will get help. Many may fear that they will not be properly understood or placed in unsuitable housing. Our LGBTQ substance abuse treatment offers special accommodations to help members of this community feel safe and heard in their pursuit of sobriety.

First Responders

Because of their high-stress jobs, first responders have higher instances of substance abuse problems than the general population. Their addiction issues often stem from underlying mental health problems that not every treatment facility will be able to properly address. We offer a treatment program for first responders that take these special considerations into account so that first responders have the greatest chance of success.

Corporate Recovery

Addiction can be damaging to the work environment and cause decreased production in the workplace, but as a business owner, the last thing you want is to lose a valuable employee to addiction. If you are an employer who is concerned about your employees’ substance abuse, our corporate recovery program may be able to help.

With several different types of rehab programs available for our patients, we want to give each person their best chance of finding long-term sobriety. Contact us to get started today.