The Issue with Sober Shaming

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After getting sober and completing alcohol detox in Stuart, many people find sober shaming at one point or another in their life.

Maybe it’s a bartender who rolls their eyes at making a mocktail or a friend who doesn’t understand your recovery and has more questions than supportive words. Living sober and unashamed can be difficult, especially in early sobriety as you’re adjusting to your new normal of sobriety. We’re exploring the dangers of sober shaming and sharing tips to break down these stigmas and live fully in sobriety.

The Dangers of Being Shamed for Sobriety

  Sober shaming is an incredibly slippery slope that can lead to relapse in the worst case. The emotional challenges that come with early recovery leave a person in a precarious enough situation and shaming them for their recovery makes the risks of relapse even higher. In early recovery, it can be difficult to find your footing socially with sobriety, and sober shaming only makes this harder.

There are many reasons sober shaming happens, and it often stems back to the stigmas surrounding addiction. Alcohol consumption is ingrained in almost every restaurant, celebration, and social gathering. Separating alcohol from these situations can make others uncomfortable, which often feeds into sober shaming. Additionally, some bartenders simply don’t know how to make a good mocktail, and they use sober shaming as a mask for their own insecurities or frustrations over the situation.

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Overcoming Sober Shaming

  Many people seeking a guide to early sobriety are looking for tips on living sober and unashamed. There are more restaurants serving mocktails and non-alcoholic mixed drinks that can make it easier to socialize. At the end of the day though, you are your greatest ally in fighting sober shaming. Living sober and unashamed starts by recognizing the importance of your recovery and even being proud of your sobriety. If you are proud of yourself and your recovery, rather than ashamed, it is impossible to be shamed for sobriety.

Getting Sober with Help from Banyan Detox Stuart

  At Banyan Detox Stuart, we offer detoxification and treatments to help our patients find their sobriety and happiness. Living sober and unashamed starts by beginning the recovery journey at our facility for detox and drug rehab therapy in Stuart. We support the entire continuum of care through our Banyan Treatment Centers network of facilities.

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