Tiger Woods Overserving Lawsuit – Who Is Responsible?

Tiger Woods Overserving Lawsuit – Who Is Responsible?

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A May lawsuit filed against Tiger Woods’ restaurant in Jupiter, The Woods, and its owners alleges that Nicholas Immesberger’s death was caused by overserving that led to Immesberger’s deadly December 2018 car crash.

The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Immesberger’s parents, claims that their son was overserved following his shift at The Woods, despite the fact that employees, managers, and owners of The Woods knew that Immesberger was an alcoholic.1 Our drug and alcohol treatment team at Banyan Detox Stuart explores the responsibilities of overserving in relation to Florida overserving laws.

Tiger Woods Lawsuit at His Florida Restaurant

Tiger Woods’ restaurant in Jupiter, The Woods, had allegedly overserved Immesberger following his shift in December 2018. The lawsuit claims that Nicholas had previously crashed another car after drinking heavily in November, and that a friend had warned employees at The Woods to stop serving Nicholas. 1 Following heavy drinking at The Woods in Jupiter, Immesberger died in a deadly crash on his way home as a result of drunk driving. The suit claims that those at the restaurant "not only ignored Immesberger's disease, they fueled it by over-serving him alcohol to the point of severe intoxication and then sending him out to his car," NBC News reports. 1

Who Is Responsible for Nicholas Immesberger’s Death?

The Tiger Woods lawsuit regarding Nicholas Immesberger’s death brings into question the responsibility of overserving. Who is responsible, the person who is drinking, or the one overserving the drunk individual? Florida’s overserving laws place liability on those who either serve an underage individual, or “knowingly serves a person habitually addicted to the use of any or all alcoholic beverages,” making those who are overserving liable for damages or injury resulting from the intoxication. 2

While Florida overserving laws outline the responsibility of those serving, the exact knowledge The Woods had regarding Immesberger’s alcoholism will need to be proven in the Tiger Woods lawsuit.

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