International Overdose Awareness Day


International Overdose Awareness Day began in 2001 as a day to raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol overdoses.

It is also a day aimed at reducing the stigmas surrounding addiction, sobriety, and overdose. The day serves as a reminder to mourn those we have lost to overdoses while we fight to prevent overdose deaths from happening in the future.

This year, the day is recognized on August 31st. Those who would like to participate in International Overdose Awareness Day are encouraged to visit their site here. Communities worldwide are commemorating the day with public events that mourn those who have been lost to overdose and look to the future of overdose prevention.

Preventing Overdose

The biggest goal of this global overdose awareness push is for communities to reduce overdoses. Recognizing the signs of overdose is one key in preventing overdose related deaths. For opioid overdoses, it is important to administer Narcan at the first overdose signs.

While treating an overdose can help reduce overdose related deaths, it is also important to take steps in overdose prevention. Communities in the United States are working to reduce the number of opioids prescribed by doctors, which is aiming to help reduce opioid overdose and addiction statistics. But, preventing overdoses of illegal drugs that are not controlled in the same manner as prescription drugs can be difficult. Safe injection sites are one technique communities are using to help reduce overdoses, especially overdoses for drugs used intravenously.

Getting Help for Addiction Treatment

The safest and most effective prevention technique is sobriety. At Banyan Detox Stuart, we offer detox and residential drug treatment in Stuart to help patients find sobriety. Getting sober from drugs or alcohol is the best technique in curtailing the dangers of overdose.

This Overdose Awareness Day, do your part in preventing overdoses by getting help for addiction. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more about our detoxification and treatment programs at Banyan Detox Stuart.


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