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Tips for Finding a Job in Recovery

finding a job in recovery

There are many reasons finding a job after rehab is a great idea.

First, employment after rehab can actually reduce your likelihood of relapse. [1] The routine and responsibility offered by regular employment help former addicts stick to long-term sobriety. Employment after recovery brings independence and growth to former addicts. If you’re newly sober and looking for a job, explore these tips for finding a job after recovery from our facility for medically supervised drug and alcohol treatment in Stuart.

How to Find Your First Job After Rehab – Job Hunting

Many former addicts place a lot of pressure on themselves to find the perfect job after recovery. There are many jobs out there that hire former addicts, and it’s important to realize that your first job after rehab will likely not be your lifelong career. It’s about getting back out there into the swing of everyday life with sobriety in hand. So, when you’re looking for jobs post-treatment, remember that your first job after rehab isn’t one that you’ll work at forever.

Common jobs for former addicts include:

  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Servers & Hospitality
  • Construction & Skilled Labor
  • Teaching
  • Social Worker

Some recovered addicts choose to go back to school after completing programs at drug and alcohol detox centers in Stuart. Going back to school can improve your resumé and help you find a true career after rehab, not just a job. This also helps with finding a job after a long gap, as the new education received can strengthen your qualifications for the job you’re considering.

Call our team at 888-280-4763 for more tips on where to head after completing treatment, including options such as furthering your education and finding a first job in sobriety.

Tips for Job Interviews After Getting Sober

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking no matter what, especially if you’re newly sober and trying to explain gaps in your employment history. There are many jobs that hire former addicts, so honesty is often the best policy when discussing your time at treatment and detox centers in Florida. Here are tips for acing your first job interview post-treatment:

  • Research the company ahead of time so you know what to expect
  • Show up with questions of your own based on your research
  • Be open and honest about your history and highlight your personal growth
  • Focus on what makes you qualified for this job and discuss that

For more guidance in finding that first job in recovery, or for drug and alcohol detox services, call our Banyan Detox Stuart admissions team at 888-280-4763. We are here to help you find long-lasting sobriety and we offer long-term support for all of our patients.


  1. NCBI – Rate and Predictors of Employment among Formerly Polysubstance Dependent Urban Individuals in Recovery

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