What Causes Post-Holiday Blues?


The holidays are over, the new year has started. Jumping back into the normal rhythm of life after all the celebrations and festivities may leave you feeling sad.

Known as the post-holiday blues, many people struggle with feelings of depression, sadness, or sluggishness once the holiday season is over. There are many factors that can lead to feeling blue after the holidays, such as seasonal affective disorder, a change of pace, or depression.

At Banyan Detox Stuart, we’re sharing tips for combatting seasonal affective disorder, post-holiday blues, and more. If left unaddressed, these challenges can result in greater struggles, such as addiction, which has shown a strong connection to depression. If you are struggling, our substance abuse treatment professionals are here to help.

What Causes the Post-Holiday Blues?

The contrast effect is a condition in which one feeling is compared to another completely opposite effect1. In this case, it’s when the joys of the holiday season are compared to the normalcy of everyday life. While your day-to-day routine may not be upsetting on its own, when contrasted with the fun and merriment of the holidays, a normal day can feel bleak. The contrast effect is one of the major causes of post-holiday blues.

Does Seasonal Affective Disorder Cause After-Holiday Blues?

Another challenge many people face post-holidays is seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. There are many different factors that cause SAD, such as issues with neurotransmitters in the brain, lower serotonin, or overproduction of melatonin2. SAD can occur on its own, or it can increase the challenges related to post-holiday blues.

How to Combat Post-Holiday Blues

While there is a strong connection between addiction and depression, you can fight post-holiday blues, SAD, addiction, and depression. Here are tips from our Stuart detox location:

  • Get outside and get active to combat depressed feelings.
  • Soak up Vitamin D some with natural light.
  • Eat healthy to combat heavy holiday eating.
  • Meditate daily to better realign your mind, body, and spirit.

The detox professionals at our Stuart detox location hope that these tips make it easier to combat post-holiday blues. If you’re struggling with addiction, depression, or any other challenges, contact our treatment professionals by calling 888-280-4763.



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