Blue Collar Worker Detoxification Programs


While addiction and alcoholism are seemingly universal struggles, there are some industries that have specific challenges. SAMHSA reports show that blue collar industries have the highest rates of addiction and alcoholism.

These industries include manufacturing, mining, and construction. Employees of these industries who are struggling with substance abuse struggle with legal and illegal drugs, including alcohol, prescription pills, heroin, and cocaine. These drugs aren’t just dangerous in the workplace, they can put anyone’s happiness at risk. We offer medical detoxification in Stuart to help blue collar workers safely get sober.

Why Blue Collar Workers Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Stress, personal struggles, and genetic factors can all contribute to addiction and alcoholism. The stress can be intense and prolonged in blue collar working environments. Stress can lead to improper coping with drugs and/or alcohol. Workplace injuries are another common cause of blue collar substance abuse. Sometimes, when an employee is injured, and they’re given prescription pills to treat their pain. This can lead to addiction, and employees need professional prescription drug detox in Stuart to find their sobriety.

Added Dangers of Addiction in Blue Collar Workplaces

One out of every 10 people in the country have a drinking problem, and chances are, employees in many workplaces are struggling with alcohol use disorder. Employees with substance abuse problems are less productive, miss more work, and are more likely to cause injury to themselves or others. This can spell disaster in blue collar workplaces with heavy machinery or dangerous working conditions.

Helping Employees Find Sobriety

At Banyan Detox Stuart, we offer industry-specific blue collar detox and recovery programs. We offer medical detoxification in Stuart for alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and more. We also operate unique prescription drug detox in Stuart for employees with addictions to prescription pills of all types. Our medical detoxification in Stuart is followed with a continuum of care designed to promote sobriety.


From start to finish, we support blue collar workers in their journey of sobriety. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more about our blue collar worker detox and treatment programs.

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