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Common Misconceptions about Detox


Before treatment can begin, a patient must detox from the drugs or alcohol that they’ve been addicted to.

At Banyan Detox Stuart, we know that detox can seem like a frightening process. Fear of detox often keeps many people trapped in cycles of addiction, forcing drug or alcohol use just to stave off withdrawal symptoms. However, safe, comfortable, and effective detox is possible. Our team provides successful drug and alcohol detox in Stuart for all levels of addiction. There are some myths about detox which should be addressed before beginning the detoxification process.

Myth: Detox is Painful

This myth is very far from the truth. While withdrawal symptoms can occur, they are not always painful. With medical detoxification in Stuart, patients can experience safe and effective detox for their recovery. Our facility provides monitoring and treatment to help mitigate any discomfort, withdrawals, or other symptoms associated with detox.

Myth: A Person is Sober after Detoxing

Medically speaking, an individual is not physically controlled by withdrawals after completing drug and alcohol detox in Stuart. However, this does not necessarily mean that they’re sober. The cravings, emotional needs, and mental controls of addiction are still there. Sobriety isn’t achieved after detox, but instead, after comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment. Detox is the first step to long-term sobriety.

Myth: Detox is a Fast Process

Each patient has a unique experience when it comes to their detox process. Certain substances have faster detox processes than others, and other factors can also influence the duration of detoxification. Generally speaking, detox can take up to a week. Some substances are shorter, others may take longer.

Myth: I Can Detox at Home

While the detoxification process is defined as cessation of drug or alcohol use, it is not a process that should be done at home. As the body goes into shock over loss of substances it has become dependent upon, withdrawals can increase in severity. Some withdrawals can become a medical emergency, which is why it is crucial to detox with the proper supervision.

If you are seeking safe, comfortable, and effective approaches to detox for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help.


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