Signs Your Drinking is a Problem

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is Your Drinking Becoming a Problem?

Alcohol problems are on the rise, and many people are finding their drinking problematic. At Banyan Detox Center, we’ve witnessed the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption firsthand.

When alcohol is needed, whether daily, weekly or in large quantities at a time, things can become dangerous. At Banyan Detox Center, we offer alcohol detox and medical detoxification in Stuart, along with other treatments for alcohol abuse issues. Before getting treatment, it’s important to assess your drinking for signs of issues. We’ve put together some signs that your drinking is problematic below.

You Find Yourself Justifying Your Drinking

If you find yourself saying that you “deserve” a drink because it’s been a long day, because you’re celebrating, or for any other reason, reconsider that drink! Anytime you need to justify your drinking, such as drinking as a reward, your drinking is not healthy. You should not need to “treat” yourself to a drink, and you definitely do not need to justify your drinking in this sense. These types of justifications are hollow excuses for problematic drinking.

You Blackout Often

If you have trouble stopping once you’ve started drinking, or if you often blackout when drinking, it is very possible you need help. These are signs that you are not able to safely monitor your alcohol use, which means that alcohol is more important and controlling in your life than it should be.

You Feel Sick if You Don’t Drink

Feeling hungover is one sign that you’re taking it a little too far with your drinking. However, if you feel absolutely sick when you’re not drinking, then it’s likely that you’re dependent upon alcohol. The only safe option is to choose professional alcohol detox to break free. Drinking to feel normal is not healthy, and it’s a major sign that you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Your Drinking Has Gotten You in Trouble

If you’ve gotten into trouble, whether legal trouble, trouble at work, or if you have familial issues due to your drinking, things are problematic. Alcohol should never take priority over your family, friends, job, or safety. If you have gotten into trouble due to your drinking, it’s time to visit drug and alcohol detox centers in Stuart.

Modern Day Alcoholics Aren’t What You Think

Many people think of alcoholics as people who drink daily, or they think of people who are constantly drunk. However, this isn’t the case today. Alcohol problems include binge drinking, alcohol dependency, and more. When alcohol is problematic, many people can still hold down a job or other responsibilities. However, a present alcohol problem makes it much harder to do so.

If your drinking is problematic, or if you fear it may be, contact our team at Banyan Detox Center. Alcohol detox can be very dangerous, so it’s important to choose professional detoxification services. Our services for medical detoxification in Stuart can help keep you safe during the detox process.


If you are struggling with alcohol, or if a loved one has a drinking problem. Call our drug and alcohol detox center in Stuart today at 888-280-4763 to get started.

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