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Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment Before the Holidays

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Why It's Best to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment Before the Holidays

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many who are suffering from addiction are faced with an important and difficult choice. Is it better to seek drug and alcohol addiction treatment before the holidays, or wait until after? Many addicts are worried about disappointing their families, missing out on celebrations, and raising questions from nosy relatives when they don’t show up at the dinner table. While these hesitations are understandable, seeking treatment before the holidays can be the best decision you’ve ever made. Banyan Treatment Center in Pompano Beach, FL explains why entering drug and alcohol treatment before the holidays is the best option.


Here are three reasons to enter substance abuse treatment before the holidays:


1. A gift that keeps on giving

While the thought of seeking treatment for drugs and alcohol before the holidays and being separated from family and friends during this time may be difficult, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind. The best gift you could give your family, as well as yourself, is many more sober holidays to come. Why not start with this year and get help now?

2. “Sticking it out” won’t help

Although many people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction attempt to “keep it together” for the holidays, postponing treatment until a later time, the problems won’t go away. In fact, sticking it out for the holidays may make things worse. As families get together to celebrate and friends toast to a New Year, drugs and alcohol may become even more readily available than before. Drinking in excess may be considered “normal” during this time, but to someone in active addiction, this can mean disaster. Why take the chance, when you can get help for drug and alcohol addiction today?

3. Staying out of trouble

Research shows that accidents and arrests resulting from drug and alcohol use increase during the holidays. DUI arrests increase by up to 20% in some states, and charges such as domestic violence and assault also become more frequent. Drugs and alcohol are often cited as contributing factors in these cases. Entering a level of addiction care before the holidays may help keep your record clean.


Once again, we know that getting help is hard. It never SEEMS like a good time to enter drug and alcohol treatment, especially when it means being separated from family and friends during the most special time of year. However, seeking substance abuse treatment before the holidays is one of the best choices you can make. If you’re struggling, here at Banyan Treatment Center we can help. Reach out to us at 1-888-781-9297.

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