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Brandon Novak: I was Deemed “Unfixable”


Years of being a professional skateboarder turned prankster lead to a destructive path down the road of addiction. Brandon Novak is leading an extremely interesting life to say the least. He sat down at Banyan Treatment Center and told us about his youth, his path to destruction, his battle with addiction, how he got sober, the rewards of recovery, and his introduction to Banyan.

The main message Novak wants to convey to his audience is that he knows the struggles of living a life in active addiction. He's now teamed up with The Banyan Treatment Center Family to help those suffering from the disease of addiction.


Brandon Novak’s direct message is if you know someone struggling, or if you yourself needs help, the time is now. He is personally here for anyone who has a drug or alcohol problem, you can reach out to Brandon directly at: (610) 624-6270.

Allison Seriani
Allison Seriani
Allison Seriani is the National Public Relations Director for Banyan and is a contributor for Banyan’s Blog spot. She has experience with billing, operations, setting up a facility for proper licensure, consulting, marketing best practices, and public relations. Have a question? Email her at [email protected]